Graph indicating the origin of foreign-born individuals in the 91207 ZIP Code in Glendale/

Glendale, California is a large city with a population of about 200,000 people. The 91207 ZIP Code is a smaller representation of the city which accounts for a bit more than 11,000 residents. Glendale is a great example of how the census is massively flawed within its categorization.

The median household income in the 91027 is $89,526 compared to the per-capita income which is $52,888. Both numbers are higher than the average for LA and metro areas but the per-capita income is nearly 1.5x the average. This can be attributed to the small household size of 2.7 …

(City of Glendale tweet introducing the imposition of fines for those who don’t wear face coverings/@City of Glendale,CA-Twitter)

My parents bought a house in Glendale 35 years ago and have lived here ever since. It is the community that my siblings and I all grew up in and that I know the most. It is one of the safest mid-sized cities in the United States and the fourth biggest city in Los Angeles County with a population of nearly 200,000 people.

In the beginning of the pandemic, Glendale had one of the worst infecton rates in LA County. Often times…

(Infographic Demonstrating the Importance of the Census for Armenian Americans/

The Big Fat Armenian Family Challenge urges Armenian Americans to post pictures of their family with the hashtag #BIGFATARMENIANFAMILY on Facebook and Instagram. This is one of very few efforts to increase Armenian representation on this year’s census by writing in “Armenian” on Box 9. With only 45 tagged posts in total, the most recent being on April 2nd, this great idea for outreach has fallen short of its goal.

In Glendale, a city known for its Armenian presence with famous restaurants like Raffi’s Place and many other Armenian-owned small businesses, public funding for their community takes a massive hit…

(An Empty Target Toilet Paper Aisle/Reddit user-grimytimes)

The Tech Department at Target rarely sees high-demand, but right now video games and home office supplies are just as hard to find as toilet paper. Telling customers that we are out of stock of the item they want has become my job. A media-driven craze on hoarding supplies has created long lines, barren aisles and insatiable demand.

When I walk through the store on my way to the backroom I see shelves that remain almost permanently empty due to tremendous demand these past few weeks. As soon as these items are put out around noon, lines of people waiting…

Brandon Darmiento

CSUN Journalism student

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